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Pimp your terminal with windows!

Linux is so good but sometime when you're working on a computer that doesn't belong to you, not having the right to change the OS might be an issue. Hopefully, there is a few work around for windows. These tips might help you create a comfy environment in windows terminal, even if it's not Linux.... Continue Reading →

Why ArchLinux?

I did quit Ubuntu for multiple reasons, first I was sick of installing million of PPA for my project, I also didn't like having unity as desktop, since I'm a huge fan of i3desktop. I went for arch because I liked the Pacman package manager and all the Aur package that you can get from... Continue Reading →

Unity3d and Airconsole!

Recently I've been playing on Unity with airConsole API which is super cool, go check it out! So basically this API let you build games for the browser that uses cellphone as controller, and since everyone has a cell phone, it's really easy to gather people around, It's a nice platform that brings people together, but... Continue Reading → with nodeJS is an API that makes bidirectional connection toward your server and client, it's often used in messaging web apps. The problem with bidirectional connection is that it's really heavy on your server, so you want to use less as possible, so if we take a messaging app as example, instead of sending the whole... Continue Reading →

The concept of Git

So some of you are asking me why is git so hard to get, when it's not. The reason why you're thinking it's hard is because you're not using it properly. There is a specific way to work with, and if you're not doing it right, then you'll think git is crap. There's an important... Continue Reading →

How to make a nodeJS server with request to database (part2)

this is our previous script for the server, everything is working, now let's make the server request information to the database! var express = require("express"); var app = express(); var server = require("http").createServer(app); //get library and create server var bodyParser = require("body-parser"); console.log("server is running on port 8080 ..."); //this tell in the console that... Continue Reading →

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