Pimp your terminal with windows!

Linux is so good but sometime when you’re working on a computer that doesn’t belong to you, not having the right to change the OS might be an issue. Hopefully, there is a few work around for windows. These tips might help you create a comfy environment in windows terminal, even if it’s not Linux.


Package manager – Under windows, it’s possible to get choco, a simple package manager to install your tools and program in command line like most Linux distro. Here’s the link to install it: https://chocolatey.org

Text editor – after that, I like to install vim, which helps a lot in the command line for quick editing or just for programming under command line. The reason of using vim is pretty simple, it increases workflow, it’s super modular, and you never get to change between programs, you always keep your operation on the command line.

Get some more themes!! – after having a proper setup to start developing it’s great to add color to that plane command line of windows. I recommend to install a command line theme, it catches your attention better and you look much more like a hacker with theses colors everywhere! Seriously, why having a boring display on something we always use, it’s just a question of comfort for eyes. Here’s a link to install oh-my-zsh on windows: https://gist.github.com/aviaryan/5a57aa25b140f6c48f0e

The best tips ever – try to get your own computer so you won’t have to use Windows because Linux is great! But seriously, theses tools are great and I’ve been experimenting with them on windows for fun. It certainly won’t be like Linux but it’s cool to see that there are tools like theses on windows.


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