Why ArchLinux?

Sick of this old thing called aptitude!

I did quit Ubuntu for multiple reasons, first I was sick of installing million of PPA for my project and also didn’t like having unity as my default desktop, since I’m a huge fan of i3desktop. I went for arch  with XORG. I liked the idea of the pacman package manager and all the Aur package that you can get from it. At the same time, Arch has a great community and is always up to date, so if there’s a problem, 1 hours later, it’s fixed by the community and everyone is back on the track. I Also felt like Arch was kind of a new challenge, learning new things make you understand why the things around you are the way they are. Yes I agree it’s more difficult sometimes and you can get issues from it, but it doesn’t matter because fixing issues is our job, we’re programmers.

It’s easy they said… after 20 installations

Installing ArchLinux is truly a deep pain in the ***! There is no installation setup like every other distro and if a step isn’t working, don’t you dare to try and skip it, if a command won’t work, fix it, don’t wait until the end, or the installation will fail. At first you’ll be pissed, you will get errors and you won’t understand anything of what happening. After a couple of hours trying, you’ll get used to it and will understand what’s going on. Then like one of my friends was telling me, if you get used to Arch, you’re pretty much used to all Linux distros, so don’t worry about crying a while during the installation, it will all be worth it! When you’ll be done with the installation, the process will look much simpler. You probably will start calling out other programmer around you noobs and noobuntu users, or even Wieners10 users!

Well… is it good?

So after that is Arch worth to install… the answer is yes for sure, because Arch is a very powerful distro, and while installing it I’ve learned a lot of stuff. Arch makes you play with specifics setting, and make you understand part of Linux that you wouldn’t have ever seen on any other distros. It’s like becoming a handyman for Linux. The number one reason why you should choose a distro is always the package manager, and since it’s Arch number one priority… you get it! It’s the best distro. There’s a lot of features that I have not tried yet and that I’m thrilled to discover, so yes it’s a great distro!

After 1 years of use, still good? [EDITED]

It’s been a year now that I’m using arch and I’m still in love with the thing! After one year I can say that I truly don’t understand those who are saying that Arch is super unstable. I’ve been experiencing stability issues once, but it took me about 5 minutes on ArchWiki to fix it. While using ArchLinux you get to have the latest release for every tools that you’re using. It’s super satisfying, to have higher version of everything before your friends. It just makes you feel like feel you’re priviledged. I even use Arch for my docker servers in production, and it run super smoothly, so I feel like those who are saying that it’s unstable are just not used to the distro and they call that to excuse the fact that they abbandoned.

After 1 years, what’s not for Arch? [EDITED]

I’ve had a ****tons of issue with VPN connection, seriously f*** strong swan, worst package I’ve ever seen! Also dual graphic card is not always fun, and check if drivers are available for your rig. For myself, I’ve installed bumblebee and I was all good. Anyway, I mean, who need a graĥic cards lololol!

Time to install ArchLinux!

This series of video is really helpful if you are willing to install arch Linux, he doesn’t tell it in the video, but if you’re on wi-fi, it’s great to install “dialog” + “netctl” once the installation is done and while you’re still arch-chroot in /mnt, or else you won’t be able to connect to wifi after booting up.


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